In February 2019, The Foundation has started up another new corporation with a local organization known as Coalition of Cambodian Farmer Community (CCFC) who has worked closely with farmers across the country to initiate the project of the Hydroponic Farming to support a sustainable farming and improving livelihood for the community people.

The project base is located in Kandal province in the southern of Phnom Penh city around 28km from downtown with an aim of bringing up a new method of farming to the farmers for learning and sharing within the community as a whole. Due to the market demand of the organic product, Hydroponic has offered the very high quality of chemical-free products to the farmers to boot up their income as well as promote the eco-friendly environment in the local community.

“We always shake to any opportunity to cooperate and partner with a local organization, whose shares a similar vision on improving the living standard of the community people, promoting child safe policy and urging our guests, staff and all partners to be part of social contribution for better community and economic growth.”